Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension

1. About the Department :

The department veterinary & animal husbandry extension education is mainly engaged in teaching of under graduate student as per VCI syllabus. Besides teaching, the department organize rural camps viz. Awareness camp, animal health camp with the involvement of student with a sole objective to provide practical knowledge to students with real field situation. The awareness camp,  health camp, Kisan gosthi & group discussion is organized to improve the farmers knowledge, skill & capacity building of students in handling village situation.
Under extension activities the department organize on campus training with coordination of BAMETI & ATMA. The other extension activities of the department is the arrangement of Stall in Kisan Mela, organizing cattle show in kisan mela, publication of extension literature and circulation among farmer, delivering of radio & television talk, participation in state agriculture extension programmes, participation in seminar, symposium, conference, kisan gosthi organized by university, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies & other organizations.

Under research activity the department is engaged in publishing research papers, theme papers, abstract papers & formulation of research projects. Recently three research projects have been submitted by the department.

2. Mandate / Objective :

  • To achieve excellency in  under graduate teaching, under vety. & animal husbandry extension education as per VCI syllabus.
  • To develop students skill & knowledge in handling village situation.
  • To carry out extension activities for transfer of technology of new innovation in animal husbandry practices.
  • To carry out research activities to develop economic status of farming communities

3. Faculty position :

(i) Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, M.V.Sc.
Assistant Professor

(ii) Dr. Saroj Kumar Rajak, M.V.Sc.
Assistant Professor

4. Teaching :

(i) U.G. Courses (VCI Syllabus)

Sl. No.

Course No.

Course Title

Credit hrs.




Sociology and Principles of Veterinary and A.H. Extension





Livestock Economics, Marketing and Business Management





Extension Techniques in Veterinary Practice and Livestock Production



(ii) P.G. Courses :
P.G. Programme not approved.

5. Research :

  • Post Graduate Research (Curricular) : Not approved.
  • List of Research Projects : N.A.
  • Research Achievements : N.A.

6. Extension :

  • Participation in state level farmers share organized by RAU, Pusa from 05.02.2010 to 07.02.2010.
  • Jhanki displayed on 26th January 2010 at RAU, Pusa.
  • Participation in state level workshop on Training need assessment of extension functionaries of agriculture and allied departments on 23.03.2010 organized by BAMETI.
  • Participation in Seminar on climate change causes impact and mitigation measures for sustainable future on 29.12.2009.
  • Participation in state govt. drought relief fund work organized by department of agriculture govt. of Bihar during 28.08.2009 to 01.09.2009.
  • Participation by teacher of the department in Winter School on RCT from Nov. 5, to Nov.25, 2009.
  • Participation by faculty in advance training programme at Bangkok from 1st June to 5th June, 2009
  • On campus Training organized – 69
  • No. of progressive farmers trained – 1551
  • No. of Officers of A.H. Department / KVK Scientist trained  - 739
  • Total No. of participants – 2290

7. Publications :

Research paper publication – 38, Book published – 02, Monograph published – 01, Manual published – 03, Theme paper published – 08, Popular article – 06, Extension literature – 06

8. Facilities :

  • Farmers Training Hall with AC, LCD Projector, Intercom, photo state facilities.
  • Project hostel: The department has separate Farmers hostel with fooding & lodging facilities.

9. Seminar / Symposium organized :

The seminar and symposium are organized at college level with the participation of all the departments.

10. Any other information :

The department arranges meetings, workshop, conferences, seminar, symposium organized by state govt. / voluntary organizations in a conference hall of college which is managed by the department of extension.